HOSOO is a Kyoto-based textile company founded in 1688 and specializes in superior quality fabrics for high-end interior and fashion design.

HOSOO’s history can be traced back to the Kyoto silk industry of the sixth-century, and the company is today widely acknowledged for its exceptional skills for its traditional Japanese three-dimensional weaving techniques and applying richly textured Nishijin weaving to contemporary design. Popularised by the nobles of the Imperial Courts of Kyoto and the samurai class, Nishijin is a special yarn dyeing and weaving technique developed over 1,200 years ago, used for garments such as kimonos.

HOSOO fabrics are globally available to furniture manufacturers, architects, interior designers and fashion designers through House of Hosoo, the company’s showroom and office located in Kyoto, Japan. References include: Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, and Graff boutiques worldwide by Peter Marino Architect (US), Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel by the interior design practice Super Potato, Leica Gion Store, Mikimoto Stores in Japan and China, Fashion brands Thome Brown, Mihara Yasuhiro, Tatras and noir kei ninomiya, and Artists Teresita Fernández and Moon Kyungwon.